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Half-Circle Deck, Urbana

Our carpenters worked with the homeowners to design this half-circle cedar deck off the back of the house. Because the curved retaining wall was already in place, the deck was designed to follow it. Two sets of stairs lead off the deck — one to the backyard and one to the side of the house.

Before the deck was constructed, a set of steps had to be removed and the siding was cut to make room for the deck’s ledger board. A waterproof membrane was applied before the ledger board was installed, and flashing was also wrapped over the double-joists. Copper post caps add style and protection from moisture.

To make the deck pretty, treated, rot-resistant framing and stair stringers are clad in cedar. The 4X4 wooden posts between the lattice panels are clad in stone. Landscape fabric underneath helps keep plant life from growing.

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