Energy Efficient Building

Enregy efficient home construction in Urbana Champaign

On average, the U.S. residential sector accounts for approximately 21% of all energy consumption and is responsible for about 20% of the country’s carbon emissions. So, whether you are looking to build a new home or simply want to remodel or repair your existing home, we look at each construction project with an eye towards energy efficiency.

In most cases, a balanced approach of several options are necessary to meet the requirements of each project.

Steps to increase energy efficiency and comfort in new construction and remodeling include:

  • Consult with architects experienced in energy efficient design and construction
  • Orient structures to benefit from passive solar gain
  • Air seal to increase comfort and energy efficiency
  • Install an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator)
  • Install proper vapor barriers in crawlspaces
  • Seal heating/cooling ductwork
  • Replacing existing equipment with high efficiency models such as on-demand water heaters, heat pump furnaces and mini-split systems
  • Replace existing appliances with high efficiency models, such as stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc…
  • Install solar panels
  • Install LED light fixtures