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Plaster Work

Orpheum Children's Scienc Museum Great hall ceiling plaster

Three – coat plaster is a traditional building material unmatched in versatility, strength, durability, and beauty.

If properly finished and maintained, plaster allows the building to “breathe,” making it healthier and more resistant to mold issues. It is also more fire resistant than drywall, and dampens sound better.

If at all possible, it is best to repair remaining plaster than replace it. The original lime and gypsum plasters are part of a building’s historic past, and replacement can be expensive. When repair is not an option, veneer systems are also available to keep expense down but still replicate the look of hand-troweled plaster.

New Prairie carpenters have trained in historic lime plaster mixing, application, and repointing techniques. For good information on properly maintaining and repairing plaster, visit U.S. Heritage.

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