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Historic Restorations

Orpheum Auditorium loge boxes and pillars after restoration

Effective renovation in old houses and buildings requires respect and understanding of historic architectural styles, materials, and construction techniques.

New Prairie Construction has prized the opportunity to renovate homes built in the 19th century and to help remodel and preserve both the 1857 Cattle Bank (believed to be the oldest commercial building in Champaign county) and the 1914 Orpheum Theatre (the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum).

New Prairie’s historic restoration portfolio includes:

  • Restoring and rebuilding corbels on an 1874 homestead
  • Recasting curved plaster mouldings on the Orpheum Theatre ceiling
  • Repointing a solid masonry 19th-century home with historically-correct lime mortar
  • Working from old photographs to recreate architectural features, including cupolas, pergolas, and porch columns

Our staff seeks continual education on historic techniques and the importance of historically sensitive renovation and repair. New Prairie is a frequent donor to and consumer of salvaged materials from our local Preservation and Conservation Association.

To see our list of Heritage Awards, visit Awards.

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