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Remodeling & Construction Pre-Project Checklists

After you’ve decided to work with New Prairie Construction Company, you can complete the Pre-Project Checklist either electronically or by hand, and e-mail, fax, or post it to New Prairie at your earliest convenience. You can mail it to the New Prairie offices at the address at the top of the page, send it to, or fax it to 217-344-5132.

Pre-Project Checklist (for all projects)

Mac Users Alert: You’ll need to download the pdf to your desktop, save it, and then fill out it. (Don’t fill it out in Preview or in your browser, as our non-Macs will register the fields as empty or only show one field at a time.) 

We’ve also developed some worksheets to help you gather all the information needed to order the cabinets, hardware, paint, and anything else you want for your addition or remodel. These are designed to be printed up and taken with you when you shop for items. 

Bathroom Remodel Materials Worksheet

Kitchen Remodel Materials Worksheet

General Project Materials Worksheet (for projects other than kitchen or bath remodels)

Once you’ve completed the applicable worksheet, bring or send it in to our office. After receiving your Materials Worksheet, we will review it, type up a copy, and send it back to you for final approval.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.