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KiKiSmithHave questions about the remodeling and construction process? We’ve got answers! 

Our Frequently Asked Questions page is a good place to start for general questions about the construction and remodeling protocol. 

See How Construction Bidding Works to understand more about the bidding process, or our General Contracting Services page for an explanation of exactly what General Contractors can do for you.

Worried about lead in your home? Get the facts at Lead-Safe Remodeling.

If you’re hoping to make your home more comfortable and healthy and decrease your energy bills, see Home Energy Efficiency & Insulation and How Well Does Your House Work?.

Interested in solar panel installation for your home, farm, or business? Go to our New Prairie Solar site for more information and photos of recent solar projects. 

To learn more about environmentally-friendly remodeling products, visit our Recommended Green Building Products page. 

See our Gallery for pictures of different types of projects, and visit About Us to learn more about New Prairie Construction.

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Ready for a free estimate? Fill out our online Request an Estimate form, or Contact Us directly.

If you’ve already signed a contract, be sure to visit our Remodeling and Construction Pre-Project Checklists page to set up project parameters and choose materials.

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