Bungalow Exterior Renovation

West Urbana, IL A lot of love went into this extensive exterior restoration project. The vinyl siding covering up the original stucco and wooden shakes was the first to go, follow by restoration of the original sleeping porch, which had been turned into a half bathroom. Much of the front porch floor framing was supported […]

Exterior renovation of West Urbana bungalow

Net Zero House with Solar Pergola

Fairmount, IL New Prairie Construction Co. partnered with Tom-Bassett-Dilley Architects out of Oak Park, Illinois, and the homeowner to design this net zero home featuring a tractor yellow, solar carport pergola. “Net Zero” describes a building that produces more energy than it uses. This is typically achieved by creating a tight building envelope through careful […]

Net zero home construction in Fairmont, IL, with solar carport pergola.

Whole House Renovation

Whole house renovations offer plenty of opportunity to improve the aesthetic of the home as well as address energy-efficiency issues. We have passion and years of expertise with green building techniques and materials. As a full-service, insured General Contractor, we can manage your whole house renovation from concept to completion, delivering quality in every phase […]

Whole house renovation by General Contractor New Prairie Construction

Craftsman Whole House Remodel

Sidell, IL This turn-of-the-century, craftsman style home was moved from its original location to the property just down the road as part of an extensive family farmstead renovation project. Practically every square inch of the interior and exterior of the house was either restored or renovated. Just a few of the unique features of the […]

Craftsman whole house renovation in Champaign-Urbana