Timber Frame Solar Pergola in Rural Urbana

Rural Urbana, IL This beautiful timber frame solar pergola is an addition to two roof-mounted solar arrays and was built in conjunction with a lakefront deck installation. Bifacial solar panels create the perfect space for watching sunsets over the lake.

Timber framed solar pergola construction in Urbana IL

Timber Frame Poolside Solar Pergola

Urbana, IL This 3kW solar pergola addition to a roof-mounted system creates a shaded pool cabana for the swimming pool patio.  The pergola is timber-framed in Douglas Fir for beauty and longevity.

Solar pergola design and construction in Urbana, IL

Champaign Timber Frame Solar Pergola

Champaign, IL This beautiful timber-framed solar pergola over the back patio with 7.2kW solar system utilizes clear bi-facial panels to create a shaded space for entertaining and leisure.

Solar panel pergola construction in Champaign IL

Timber Frame Barn Restoration

Sidell, IL This 1850’s barn is believed to predate the Victorian Italianate house on this family homestead by about 20 years. New Prairie Construction partnered with Trillium Dell Timberworks to replace the original brick foundation and repair the original timbers. Protected by a new standing seam metal roof and board and batten siding, the restored […]

Timber Frame barn restoration in Champaign-Urbana

Hybrid Method Barn Restoration

Champaign, IL A purist’s approach is not always the best fit for a project. Timber framing and modern framing methods were combined to create a unique, hybrid solution to this barn restoration. Timbers, gable vents, floor boards, and siding were replaced, and a new stairwell and guard rails were constructed. And what’s behind the moon […]

Timber framing and modern framing methods were combined to create a unique, hybrid solution to this barn restoration.

Timber Frame Workshop

Paxton, IL This timber framing workshop hosted by Long Creek Timber Framers is just one of the continuing education opportunities available to our team. Courses in traditional lime plaster, historic lime mortars, window restoration, and unique workshops offered during the annual Midwest Renewable Energy Fair, allow our carpenters to explore their interests and bring their […]

Timber framing workshops provide additional educational opportunities for our general contracting construction crew.

Timber Framing

Rather than using pre-milled lumber, timber framing involves milling logs and trees into squared-off and carefully fitted timbers, and joining them with large wooden pegs. Restoration of barns and construction of new, solar pergolas are a few ways that we have participated in this long standing, architectural tradition.

Timber frame barn restoration project by New Prairie Construction