Wood Storm Windows Restoration

West Urbana, IL Preservation of original windows often includes rebuilding the deteriorating wood storm windows. Constructed of rot resistant cypress, the new storm frames of this Urbana residence were fitted with the original storm glass which was glazed with compounds used for historic restoration. Period storm window stays were installed to allow for ventilation.

Preservation of original windows often includes rebuilding the deteriorating wood storm windows.

Victorian Farmhouse Door Replacements

Sydney, IL Living out in the country has its benefits, but strong winds + drafty doors= uncomfortable rooms and energy loss. Restoration wasn’t the best option in this case, so the original doors were replaced with insulated doors with low maintenance exteriors and stained wood interiors.  The front entry features a period wood screen door […]

Victorian farmhouse doors were replaced with insulated new doors to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Basement Egress Window

Champaign, IL Do you want to finish a basement in your home?  If you don’t have another means of egress in the basement, you may be required to install an egress window with escape well. There are a variety of escape well options, from a simple metal unit such as the one pictured, to a […]

Home improvement construction project to install a basement egress window with escape well.

Refinished Staircase

Urbana, IL This lovely refinished oak staircase was once covered by carpeting. It was refinished as part of a series of smaller improvements — plaster repair, painting, floor refinishing, etc. The worn carpeting was removed, the yellowed finish was sanded off, and new stain and finish were applied. A small piece of missing trim was […]

Refinished staircase and banister, home improvement in Urbana IL

Porch Ceiling Replacement

Champaign, IL Water damage had caused peeling paint and failure on this porch ceiling. Because of the age of the porch, it was assumed that the paint had lead in it, and lead-safe work practices were followed. The original plaster was replaced with drywall, then caulk was applied at the joint between the new ceiling […]

Blue painted ceiling front porch renovation - small home improvement projects in Champagne IL

Wooden Planter Boxes & Repaired Deck

Urbana, IL New Prairie rebuilt these planter boxes with treated, rot-resistant wood and lined the inside with rubber roofing membrane before refilling with soil. (Be aware — this is NOT recommended for planters with edibles growing in them!) The surrounding deck, porch, and steps were cleaned, sanded, treated, and stained.  We also re-screened the porch, […]

deck with planter boxes - small home improvement projects in Urbana IL

Smaller Home Improvement Projects

Little things can make a big difference in the style and comfort level of a home. That’s why New Prairie does more than just remodel and build additions in the Champaign – Urbana area. Many of our customers have come to rely on us for ALL their home improvement projects, no matter how large or […]

Small home improvement projects by general contractor New Prairie Construction in Champaign Urbana IL