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Fascia and Soffit Repair, Urbana

The fascia on the back of this Urbana home was beginning to rot where the gutter had sloped away from the drip edge of the roof. This left part of the fascia exposed to water.

Carpenter bees had also moved in and were chewing through the wood and making stains on the side of the house. More damage was exposed as we removed the gutter. Bees poured out of the tunnels they had chewed through the soffit and along the inside framing. They weren’t welcoming!

As we removed the fascia, a hidden problem came to light: the ceiling was stuffed full of insulation, but had no ventilation to help warm air escape. To address this, we installed “proper vents” (basically bent pieces of styrofoam) above the insulation. New circular soffit vents complete the venting process. (The old vents had no bug screens, so we didn’t reuse them.)

Reportedly, carpenter bees don’t like chewing through painted wood, so the fascia and soffit were primed on all sides before installation.  (We always do this anyway; it helps keep water damage at bay.) Now that the damage is repaired, the house will be painted and new gutters installed.

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