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Victorian Italianate Homestead, East Central Illinois

Restored Victorian Farmhouse

*Landmark Heritage Award Winner*

This East Illinois homestead has seen many changes since its construction in 1874. New Prairie worked closely with the architect and the homeowners to restore both exterior and interior portions of the house. Some of the house was also renovated, and two separate additions and a garage were added.

At one point, the family thought the “Old Brick,” as they called it, might be torn down, and an auction was held to rid the house of its furniture and exterior decoration (such as the corbels).

Fortunately, in 1987 one of the family was willing to buy and repair the house. She also rebuilt the porch, wired the second floor, and remodeled all of the rooms. She was able to buy back a few of the items sold at auction as well, including most of the corbels.

After she passed away, another family member stepped in and hired us to do a deeper restoration/renovation of the house. We also replaced the failing porch, and rebuilt the cupola that had burned down.

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You can see more photos and read more about the entire project in At Home in Central Illinois. To see the solarium addition, visit our Additions page.