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Rolled Steel Window Restoration, Champaign

* Residential Heritage Award Winner *

The Abstract of Title for this property goes back to March 1, 1851, when the land was conveyed from the US Government, as part of a larger tract to Robert Logan. In 1924, George and Nell Ramey purchased the property. George designed and built the house on this property as his personal residence and lived in the house from 1925 to 1947.

During his career, George Ramey designed many of Champaign – Urbana’s most distinguished buildings, including the Champaign City Building and the Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity House in Urbana. He also designed the remodel of the Rialto Theatre in the moderne style. These buildings are on the Historic Register.

The current homeowners looked into options for replacing the rolled steel windows and discovered that almost any replacement window would significantly change the architectural look of the house. Given the historic significance of this home, they decided that restoration of the windows was the best choice.

After appropriate preparation of the area to protect against lead paint, the interior and exterior of the the North and East kitchen windows were scraped and failed glazing and broken glass panes removed. The steel window sashes were ground to allow smoother closing, and sashes were primed and painted. New glazing was installed, and glazing compound was applied where needed. Operating hardware was cleaned and polished. The window unit air conditioner was reinstalled and made as air-tight as possible.

In Spring 2016, the project was awarded a Residential Heritage Award by the Preservation and Conservation Association of Champaign County.

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