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McKinley Presbyterian Church & Foundation Window Restoration, Champaign

The windows at the McKinley Foundation range from the original Tiffany “Good Samaritan” installed in 1912 to the more recent Allen “Families” window in 1999. Many of the frames were badly in need of repair.

After removing the paint and rejuvenating the frames with linseed oil, repairs were made with wood epoxy. Some pieces, such as some of the stops, were too far gone and had to be refabricated.

Inadequate and failing caulk made the windows very leaky. We applied spray-foam insulation around the frames for increased energy efficiency.

The Louis C. Tiffany window is cracked, so its exterior is covered with plexiglass to protect it. The Foundations says of the newer windows “Each was dedicated to a person(s), but had its own theme that represented the person(s)’ special calling and characteristics. In so doing, the windows also represent McKinley’s values, beliefs and commitments over the years.”

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