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Arched Window Restoration, Urbana

 *Residential Heritage Award Winner*

This distinctive arched window from the early 1900s was falling apart. Rather than replace the old-growth wooden frame, it was repaired with wood epoxy. Only the half-round in the sunburst had to be completely remade.

In order to transport the disintegrating window once it had been removed, the homeowners used the old standby — duct tape.

Repairing the window frame began with an application of epoxy to reconstruct the rotted portion of the horizontal rail. A piece of pine was clamped to the rail as a form. After the rail was epoxied, the frame was clamped back together and more epoxy applied where needed.

After sanding, the window was primed and any remaining divots were touched up with putty. After a final priming, the historic window was painted and ready for re-installation.

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