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National Home Bathroom Remodel, Urbana

The Champaign – Urbana area has numerous examples of National Homes, pre-fabricated houses manufactured in the 1940s and ’50s in response to an urgent national need for affordable post -war housing. They present special challenges for the remodeler, as their construction is not standard 2×4 framing. New Prairie has worked in many of these homes.

Water damage issues are addressed before remodeling. Built-in shampoo and soap niches are wrapped with a waterproof membrane before tile goes on. Sleek new subway tiles, laid in a running bond, cover the shower/bath enclosure.

The flooring is cork tile covered with an environmentally-friendly sealant. Cork is warmer than ceramic tile, eliminating the need for expensive sub-flooring heat mats. The rich red-browns of the medicine cabinet and the flooring give the room warmth and color.

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