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Prairie Style Home Addition, Urbana

The owners of this Prairie Style house in Urbana wanted to make sure the addition matched the original. Prairie Style grew out of Frank Lloyd Wright’s school of architecture, which was heavily influenced by Craftsman Style. Prairie Style houses often feature low-pitched roof lines, gabled or hipped roofs, and deep overhanging eaves. They also use primarily wood and stone materials (preferably local), such as the cedar siding and bluestone steps of this home.

The hipped roof of the new addition extends from and matches the original house and garage. On a hipped roof, all sides slope downward to the walls, usually with a fairly gentle slope. The new eave hangs over the garage eave, but they each have their own gutter system. Can lights in the soffits illuminate the area.

The bluestone steps were put in place before the walls went up so that the siding, properly flashed, could go on top of them.

Inside, the addition trim matches the trim in the main house.

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