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Ceiling & Wall Repair, Champaign

The issues in this Champaign room were twofold: water damage on the ceiling resulting in cracks and peeling paint, and the fact that previous peeling paint had been painted over without patching.

We began by opening up all the cracks and beveling the sides to make patching smoother. All loose paint was scraped off; if you try to patch over it, the patch will fail. After removing anything that was loose, bonder and mesh tape were applied for added strength and to keep the cracks from opening back up. Two to three coats of drywall mud were applied, depending on the size of the patch. This ceiling needed extensive mudding to fill in the areas with chipped paint.

The process is the same for the walls. Frequently, cracks radiate out from windows and doors. In these photos, the cracks have been opened, loose paint removed, and bonder applied.

After the mud dried, eveything was sanded smooth, touched up if necessary, and primed. In this particular project, the homeowners opted to paint the room themselves at a later date.

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