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Victorian Homestead Kitchen and Downstairs Bath

This farmhouse kitchen was small and in bad shape. An exterior door originally led to a side yard with a well pump, which was later enclosed. New Prairie extended the space by remodeling the pump room into the a new kitchen, and making the old kitchen an adjacent eating area. The main kitchen area leads to a new solarium addition and the rest of the new spaces of the house. The spaces were made energy-efficient with insulation and air-sealing.

The historic features of the house were honored in several ways. The very narrow stairwell to the second floor — once the servant’s stairs — was kept as-is. Old photographs of the house were the inspiration for the custom-made painted tile backsplash. A once exterior doorway was turned into a wine bar, but the original transom was kept.  (You can tell which were once exterior doors vs. interior doors: Exterior doors had rounded-over transom windows; interior doors had squared transom windows.)

The remodeled bathroom used to be a bedroom/birthing room. Over the years, the pantry space from the adjacent kitchen was turned into a small bathroom for the bedroom. During the current renovation, the pantry space was returned to the kitchen eating area as the bedroom became a bathroom.

A wine bar was tucked into a small hallway between the remodeled bathroom and the bay window room. Opposite the sink is more storage for wine and glasses.

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