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McKinley Presbyterian Church & Foundation Doors, Champaign

The old swing doors leading from the McKinley Foundation Great Hall to the new Presby Hall dormitory didn’t meet fire codes or ADA requirements. The doors were undersized; at least one needed to be three feet wide. Rather than replace the beautiful historic doors, we modified them.

The process involved removing a side stile from one door and cutting the header and bottom down. The removed stile was then attached via strong dowels and glue to the other door, making it wider. A new header and new bottom were constructed for the now wider door, allowing it to meet ADA and fire codes. New casing was made.

After the doors were re-assembled, holes were filled with wood putty and loose paint was sanded off. The old paint and stain were matched. After reinstallation, the windows in the modified doors are still centered in the opening, though not in the doors themselves.

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